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Prescription Aviator Glasses for Men in Canada

First popularized in the early 1940s, aviator glasses for men have made an unforgettable impact on both pop culture and recreational sporting. How? It was their iconic double nose bridge shape was that put them at forefront of eyewear fashion for decades.

An excellent pair of aviator glasses for men can match any occasion. Lucky for you, our aviator glasses for men cover a wide range of different styles, from classic hits to daring reimaginings. This is the only place that you can snag this iconic trend for yourself in a range of different metal finishes and styles — all for a price that can’t be beat. So what are you waiting for? Peerless style and retro flair await.

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Prescription Men's Aviator Glasses FAQs

Who can wear aviator glasses?

Aviator glasses are a classic style that works well with several different kinds of face shapes. The classic teardrop style works well with people with oval or square or heart-shaped faces. If you have an oblong face, then you should pick oversized black aviators. Round faces look good when paired with rectangular aviators.

Are aviator glasses unisex?

In the beginning, aviator sunglasses were designed for male pilots. However, they are very versatile and look good on both men and women. If you are a woman, then you should choose an oversized frame with a light lens. Men on the other hand should go with the classic dark lens aviators.

Can I wear my aviator sunglasses when driving?

Yes, aviator sunglasses work well for those who want to wear them when driving. They are designed to block light and will offer excellent protection for your eyes. You can also get more eye protection by choosing a pair with polarized or mirrored lenses.

How can I style my prscription aviator glasses?

For a casual look, you should choose a sleek pair of black aviators that you can match with a t-shirt as well as jeans. At the same time, you also want to minimize accessories like jewelry and patterns. Be sure to match your aviator frame with classic pieces of jewelry to create a put-together style. If you are wearing them indoors, then you can hook your aviators to your collar or a pocket.

How should my aviator glasses fit?

Aviator glasses are designed to help you give off a cool and relaxed look. You can pull this look off by ensuring that your prescription glasses fit your face perfectly. So, make sure that you pick a pair with lenses that are large enough to cover your eyebrows. However, do not pick a size that is too big for your face as then you will look comical. Also, make sure that your eyelashes never touch your lenses.